About Kinetos Consulting

We believe that a healthy and engaging workplace brings out the best in people and teams, and enables sustained success.

We believe that a healthy and engaging workplace brings out the best in people and teams and enables sustained success.

During our hands-on in-person workshops, trainings and coaching sessions we introduce people to a new way of thinking that changes the way they interact, collaborate and solve problems.

Let us help you create a healthier culture where employees are calmer, more engaged and more productive.

If you’re like most HR Professionals, you are investing more on employee engagement and stress management programs than ever before.

Unfortunately, the results are often short-lived

The same problems resurface leaving people frustrated, less productive and feeling hopeless.

As stress increases, people become more irritable and emotionally reactive

More time and emotional energy is spent worrying and complaining and pointing fingers at others.

This pushes the whole team into a less functional and very vulnerable state.

We’ve been applying our knowledge of human behavior to help people improve well-being and performance for more than two decades.

Formerly, while working in competitive and fast-paced organizations, we were struck by how challenging it was for people to remain focused, engaged and calm in the midst of that intensity.

Create a collaborative, energetic workplace, where your employees feel motivated and connected to the mission.

We believe that people are the heart and soul of an organization. We believe that every workplace should foster an environment where people can think clearly, grow, and succeed.

About the Founder

Analia Medina

Organization Development Consultant & Executive Coach
AnaLia is a former business development professional and solutions consultant, with more than 20 years experience working with federal government leaders and key decision makers in the United States and in foreign posts around the world.

Like you, she’s been there, worked in a pressure-cooker organization. She’s been in situations where she’s been exhausted, felt hopeless, overwhelmed, and anxious.

She received her Bachelor’s degree and Masters Certificate in Leadership and Management from the University of Maryland.

AnaLia has certifications in conflict resolution, project management, and co-active coaching. She is currently completing a three year postgraduate program on individual and group functioning, resiliency, and the capacity to handle stress.

AnaLia provides extra bandwidth; helps management teams sit back, and think about the problem.

AnaLia devoted herself to studying the impact that chronic stress has on group dynamics, productivity, decision making and morale.

A Fresh Perspective

The pace of work is accelerating, consuming more of our time and mental bandwidth and resulting in burnout, higher absenteeism and missed deadlines.

Our approach, based on decades of behavioral and social scientific research will help you

  • Manage your stress
  • Increase focus and improve your overall effectiveness
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Increase self confidence
  • Reduce workplace cliques and office gossip
  • Increase collaboration and morale
  • Increase commitment and ownership
  • Reduce absenteeism

Put an end to feeling frustrated and burned out from stress and interpersonal drama in the workplace.

Schedule a consultation with us. Turn your office into a healthier and happier place to work, connected to your mission.

Ready to put an end to disruptive negativity and create a calmer more productive work environment?

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