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Create a Healthy Workplace

An exclusive stress management consulting and coaching program for your team.

Build resilience, increase employment engagement and productivity

Workplace stress is at an all time high. Are your employees showing signs of burnout due to chronic stress?

When you work with us to reduce the symptoms of chronic stress, your work environment will be calmer, healthier and more productive.

In this exclusive consulting and coaching program, we will take your whole team through the Kinetos framework for managing stress, breaking down silos and improving performance.

We will work with individuals one-on-one and with your whole team on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. 

This program will help you:

  • Identify the negative patterns of behavior that are causing chronic stress at work
  • Discover how the emotional side of your organization is affecting your team’s morale
  • Identify the emotional triggers that hijack your performance and increase stress 
  • Develop a strategy for reducing emotionally reactive behaviors that lead to conflict and firefighting
  • Generate creative solutions to longstanding problems
  • Influence others and negotiate with greater ease
  • Make decisions and take actions that improve performance, collaboration and productivity

Build Resilience

  • Bounce back from challenging setbacks
  • Manage difficult relationships
  • Lead with greater calm

Improve Wellbeing

  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Boost energy and focus
  • Increase morale and personal responsibility

Get Results

  • Attract and retain the right people
  • Enjoy a collaborative and stimulating work environment
  • Take your organization where you want it to go

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Ready to put an end to disruptive negativity and create a calmer more productive work environment?

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